The following list of Rules and Regulations was adopted by vote of the Representatives of each of the participating clubs; last amended at the meeting held on May 2nd, 2015. June 24th. 2017. Members of the participating clubs in this League are therefore obliged to abide by and be governed in their actions by the rules set forth below.
1. A League fee of fifty dollars ($50.00) will be required from each participating club. This fee is to be sent to the League Treasurer at or before the first scheduled match.
1.1. Each adult shooter will pay an entry fee of three dollars ($5.00) at his or her first match of the year. The Host Team Captain will forward this to the League Treasurer.
2. For each match, each adult shooter will pay a match fee of Ten dollars ($10.00). Junior shooters (25 years of age or younger) will pay no match fees. The match fee is to be paid to the Host Team Captain. The Host Team Captain will retain $5.00 per adult shooter for the Host Club, and will forward the remaining $5.00 to the League Treasurer.
2.1. The League Treasurer will set aside $2.00 per adult shooter per match, to be used for ammo for juniors. The remaining $3.00 per adult shooter per match (plus club and individual shooter entry fees) will be used for NRA registration fees, awards, and general League expenses. The League officers will decide each year how to manage the junior ammo fund. The League will supply free ammo for any junior who desires to shoot it at the match.
2.2. At the conclusion of the season, scores will be registered with the NRA for any shooter who participates in one or more matches.
3. Each club will schedule a minimum of four matches with a maximum of six matches.
NOTE: To allow new shooters more time for sighter shots the three minute preparation time and the two minute sighter time will be combined into a block time of five minutes.
The course of fire for this League will be as follows:
a. Offhand: Either (1) five minutes for preparation time and unlimited sighters, and 10 shots for record in 10 minutes; or, (2) fifteen minutes (block time) for preparation time, unlimited sighters, and 10 shots for record; offhand at 200 yards. The range officer will announce which option is to be used before firing commences.
b. Sitting or kneeling: Five minutes for preparation time and unlimited sighters, and two 10 – shot strings standing to sitting or kneeling at 200 yards. Each relay will fire the rapid fire stage following the offhand stage before leaving the firing line.
c. Prone: Five minutes for preparation time and unlimited sighters, and two 10 – shot strings prone at 300 or 200 yards, depending on the range. Each relay will fire both strings before leaving the firing line.
NOTE: Matches will be conducted according to current NRA Highpower Rifle Rules. At ranges without pits, targets may be scored after the complete match has been fired. The prone rapid fire stages may be fired first if club range rules require it.
4. Rifles to be used in the League are those classified by NRA Rules 3.1, 3.1.1, 3.1.2, and 3.3
5. Each club will have two teams. A shooter whose classification at his or her first match is High Master, Master, or Expert will be on the Division 1 team for the entire season. A shooter whose classification at his or her first match is Sharpshooter or Marksman, or who is Unclassified, will be on the Division 2 team for the entire season.
5.1. Each team’s 5 teams 4 highest scores will count as the team score. Shooters who are unable to attend a scheduled match may make up the match (either before or after) with another club on their scheduled date. Make-up scores may be included in team scores from the matches that the shooter missed. The order in which make-up scores are fired will correspond numerically with the order in which the scheduled matches were missed.
5.2. If there are not enough make-up scores available from Division I shooters, unused scores of Division 2 shooters may be used on the Division I team. Scores from Division 1 shooters may not be used on Division 2 teams.
6. No dummy score will be used.
7. Team Captains will be responsible for mailing their team score sheets and competitor score cards to the League Secretary no later than two weeks after each match. The Secretary will compile team and individual scores and provide the League with information as to team and individual standings. Failure to send valid score cards and score sheets may result in forfeitures.
8. Squadding (assignment of shooters from participating teams to specific relays and positions) shall be determined by the Host club’s Range Officer.
9. Pit Officers and Range Officers will be provided by the participating clubs at each range. The Pit Officer will be selected by the Range Officer.
10. Team captains will be responsible for forwarding the full name, address, NRA number, NRA classification, and date of birth of each team member when mailing the score cards from the first match to the Secretary. If any of the above data is not available at the first match, it will be mailed as soon as it becomes available. Competitors must indicate on their scorecards whether they used a match rifle or service rifle.
11. The scorer must sign the scorecard after each stage is completed.
12. Teams must compete in all 5 matches to qualify for team awards. The first place team in each division will receive a suitably engraved plaque. Each member of a first place team whose score was used at least once will receive a team award.
12.1 Shooters must compete in at least 4 matches, of which one or more is at a range other than the shooter’s home range, to qualify for individual awards. Individual awards will be based on the best 4 scores, in each position and in the aggregate, fired at any match during the season. Team scores, for a shooters score to be used on the Team, that individual must shoot in at least 3 matches to count towards a team score; this is different from the individual awards and has no impact towards individual awards.
12.2 At least one Award will be given for Open Winner, Second, and Third in the aggregate, and Open Winner in each position. Awards will be given for each classification in the aggregate and in each position; however, if there is only one shooter in a class, that shooter will receive the class aggregate award, but no position awards. The Dan Ciarleglio award. will be given to the high Unclassified shooter. Junior, Intermediate Jr., Sub Jr., Senior, Woman, New Shooter, and Service Rifle awards will also be given. Awards will be given in each classification or category as follows: 1st if 1-5; 2nd if 6-10; 3rd if 11 or more.
12.3 A membership award will be given to each shooter who fires at least 4 matches and is not receiving another award.
13. Targets used will be as described in the current NRA Rule Book.
14. A shooter’s classification as of the first match will be used for awards purposes, even though the shooter may have been reclassified during the season. If a shooter does not have an NRA classification but has fired 120 rounds prior to the start of the season, a classification corresponding to the average score of those shots will be used.
15. Each club will shoot on the day scheduled. A cancellation due to weather conditions shall be decided between Team Captains and the Range Officer. A Range Officer who is also a Team Captain gets two votes. The Range Officer will then notify the President or other Executive Officer of that decision. Cancelled matches will be rescheduled by each club at the earliest convenient opportunity before October 31.
16. Official starting time for League matches is 0800 hours. The Host club may set a different starting time, as long as this is posted in advance.
17. A club shall be considered to have forfeited a match if no member of the club shows at the designated range by the end of the last relay of the slow fire stage.
18. All disputes and questions regarding rule interpretation will be referred to the League Officers to be resolved. The current NRA Highpower Rifle Rules will apply in any case where NHHPRL Rules and Regulations do not cover the situation. NRA Highpower Rifle Rules 9.23 through 9.31 will be strictly enforced.