Welcome to New Hampshire High Power Rifle League.

NHHPRL is a competition rifle league… The goal of the league is to promote “High Power Rifle Shooting” in a safe and fun environment. There are currently 5 local clubs that participate in the league, we typically have 5-6 matches at each club, all scores will be applied to a NRA classification at the end of the season.

Matches typically cost $10.00 per a shooter, the course of fire is 10 shots offhand, 20 shots fired in the sitting position and 20 shots in the prone position fired from 200 and 300 yards. Matches typically run fast, and allow you time to get home to still mow the lawn or other chores you may have.

There is a banquet at the start of each season for awards and social gathering, if interested, please come out and visit us, it is open to the public. For more details please see the “Schedule” and “ByLaws“.

Mark Millette

League Secretary


3/22/17 All stats have been completed finally, you can see the 2016-17 News Letter here.
3/14/17 The NHHPRL Schedules have been posted on the Calendar as promised. Looks like another busy schedule this season! Good luck to all.
8/3/2015 Congratulations to NH’s Rod Rosa finishing 4th overall at the National Match’s at Camp Perry with a 2374-106X!
7/23/2015 Here are some familiar faces at Camp Perry… Congratulations excellent job!
7/21/2015 Congratulations to Roch Pouliot and Cuyler Ackroyd for getting there first “Distinguished Rifleman” points at Camp Perry! Job well done.
5/13/2015 Woburn Sportsman Club matches will be on the same format as NHHPRL! Dates have been updated on the schedule.
2-19-15 First Logo Design’s… Let me know what you think, and keep them coming… We will review and vote at the annual banquet.